A contemporary identity for Mobles114 by

Year: 2018

Rebranding by Folch
A campaign for Mobles114


After more than 40 years with the same branding, the leading furniture company Mobles 114 was ready for a more contemporary approach. A new look and feel to embrace the brand’s values while positioning it as a timeless and meaningful company connected to Barcelona’s heritage and creativity. Having already designed a catalogue and leaflet, this time we had the opportunity to create a fresh identity with a strong connection to our city.

Beyond a new visual mood

Brands need to evolve as societies and business do. Since we first started working together on the design of Mobles114’s Tube Chair catalogue -a meaningful piece to communicate a new furniture product designed by Eugeni Quitllet and shot by the photographer Nacho Alegre- the brand has continued pushing boundaries and entering new fields. Its identity needed to reflect this evolution.

  • FOLCH - A contemporary identity for Mobles114

Envisioning Mobles114’s potential, we cast aside four decades of corporate image to convey a sense of contemporaneity. The identity needed a more open and flexible a bold approach to amplify the brand’s scope and connect it to new fields without losing its essence: the elegance that led to its foundation forty years ago.

A design based on evolution

Behind the visual identity lies a clear concept. The redesign works as a vehicle to highlight the fact that the brand name has come to be verbalized as ‘Mobles114’ rather than the more simple ‘M114’.  This translated into a visual identity increases brand recognition and brings it into a more contemporary light. Simultaneously ensuring it preserves coherence and consistency with the original design.

Daring shapes and coherency

In terms of typography, we worked with the geometric typeface Suisse International -a font created by Swiss Typefaces and belonging to an extensive family. The font had the timelessness, consistency and readability required for a modern brand, as well as providing a degree of variety so that it could be used across all the applications of the identity.

  • FOLCH - A contemporary identity for Mobles114
  • FOLCH - A contemporary identity for Mobles114
  • FOLCH - A contemporary identity for Mobles114
  • FOLCH - A contemporary identity for Mobles114

Images by Nacho Alegre

A flexible identity

Rather than just totally redesigning the identity, we wanted to create a visual system that still had the impact and recognition the brand had been cultivating over its 40 years of history. By taking into consideration its verbalization and our aim to exploit the brand’s potential in different contexts and environments, we created an extended and a reduced version: Mobles114 and M114. The shorter version is constructed from the reduction of characters of the extended one.