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Avocado Rise


Eldorado is somewhere between an agency and a multichannel platform, designed to facilitate collaboration between brands and a network of traveling creatives and experts in communication, production and editorial design. Often brands try to align themselves with environmental issues as a way of promoting business with a green stamp of approval, without having any substantial transformative results. We work with brands to spread meaningful co-branded messages that change the world. Avocado Rise was no exception. 

“It’s time for brands to not only have a purpose, but turn that purpose into a reality through facts.”
Rafa Martínez, COO & Head of Brand Strategy

Tropicfeel inspires authentic, conscious travel through high quality, sustainable products. The brand wanted to take a step further and activate responsible consumption by raising awareness of a key environmental issue. Eldorado Experience is an editorial platform from Folch telling insightful travel stories in order to preserve the environment. We offered Tropicfeel editorial expertise and a network of creative travellers, while Tropicfeel offered Eldorado the chance to fund a hard-hitting documentary. 

Avocado Rise | FOLCH

Tropicfeel had been successfully producing and selling their popular, sustainable sneaker via crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The next step for them was to start producing meaningful content, activating their community on Kickstarter to start thinking about their consumption habits and motivate them to take action. Having been followers of Eldorado, Folch’s long-standing platform for insightful travel narratives, they reached out to us offering the possibility of a partnership. 

Avocado Rise | FOLCH

Like Tropicfeel, Eldorado embraces people and stories that speak out in defence of the environment, so our values were aligned from the start. We wanted to communicate something in order to change it. To raise awareness of a key issue and consequently encourage people to take action. In order to find a meaningful, impactful story with a focus on an environmental emergency, we first sent out an open call from Eldorado. We finally selected a story uncovered by Mario Dávalos, CEO of Capital DBG, Santo Domingo, executive producer and partner at Eldorado. Mario travels as an artist, writer and photographer to some of the last wild places on Earth, but the Sierra de Bahoruco still holds a special place in his heart. 


“I have this huge sense of tragedy and urgency. We have time to act, but not much time. Environmental consciousness is very disconnected from politics, but I see a clear change in new generations, a broader awareness of the situation we face, of the kind of politics that we need. I am hopeful that we can mix this youthful courage with the experience and common sense of older generations. We need to get everyone involved and convey to every Dominican, the seriousness and importance of this magical place called Sierra de Bahoruco.”
Mario Davalos, CEO Capital DBG

Avocado Rise is a non-profit collaborative documentary reporting on the growing environmental problems in the Sierra de Bahoruco. Sierra de Bahoruco, located in the Dominican Republic and classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is under attack as a result of rising global avocado demand. Illegal charcoal production and agriculture have been added to the list of enemies of one of the most biodiverse forests in the world. For Mario, a Dominican with a great love for the Sierra de Bahoruco, solving this issue was a matter of urgency.

Avocado Rise | FOLCH

This issue is deeply political. Environmental groups denounce the government’s inaction to protect this reserve and accuse them of collaborating with growers in the construction of roads to the plantations. The environment ministry, a former agriculture minister, denies the damaging effect of avocado cultivation. Other government sources sell avocado farming as a reforestation of damaged areas. 

Avocado Rise | FOLCH

To raise money to fund the documentary, Tropicfeel and Eldorado launched a kickstarter campaign selling Tropicfeel’s popular sustainable shoe which was voted the most successful Kickstarter shoe last year. The campaign raised more than €75K thanks to pledges from the community. Avocado Rise aims to shed light on an environmental emergency that consumers not only play a part in, but can help put an end to.

“It was very enriching to research the subject, but the challenging part was the execution of the production. Ecological problems almost always have a political background and this was no exception.”
Tamara Raimondi, Production Manager at White Horse

Avocado Rise | FOLCH

Before releasing the film on our own channels and in order to gain maximum visibility for the project, we first decided to offer the film as an exclusive to a selection of key international media, including The Guardian, The Washington Post and Condé Nast Traveler. The next step was to offer the story more widely to media in the República Dominicana where the story had the most relevance, as well as to national environmental journalists and international trade magazines with a focus on food, the environment, travel or sustainability. 

Tags: Art Direction and Design, Audiovisual, Brand Journalism, Brand Narrative, Creative Direction and Filmmaking, Creative Direction in Production, Creative Production, Digital Activation, Digital Narratives, Editorial Design, Public Relations, Strategic Communication

Directed by Bernat Mestres
Featuring Yolanda León, INTEC
Executive producers Mario Dávalos, Rafa Martínez, Albert Folch, Pol González Novell, Alberto Espinós, Guillermo Bargu
Produced by White Horse
Tropicfeel rebrand by Folch Studio

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