Barcelona Design Week ’17 by

Year: 2017
Tags: Campaign, Graphic Design, Strategic Communication

Sculpture by Wilfrid Wood


In the notion of transformation

Barcelona Design Week 2017 is dedicated to the notion of transformation – a concept divided into six stages to be unveiled weekly; starting with sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, artist David Bowie and writer Harper Lee. Treating design thinking as a process of bringing an idea to life, evoke evolution and encourage change in the world. 

Developed by Folch and filmed and produced by White Horse with music by Desert.

We decided to create a homage circulating around six pioneers of our time, who passed away last year, whose legacy has been driven by the evolution and change of mindset within different fields. We commissioned sculptor Wilfrid Wood to create these selected profiles in clay – using the material as a recall of transformation.

Folch - Barcelona Design Week ’17
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Campaign, Graphic Design, Strategic Communication. 2017