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Connecting fashion, art and eroticism.

Odiseo illustrates our mission: the exploration of new ways of doing and seeing, offering a different vision of eroticism.

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White Horse

Production for motion pictures

White Horse produces audio visual formats with a strategic, thoughtful and aesthetic approach to storytelling and helps brands access diverse market segments and reach new audiences.

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Travel narratives in the digital era

Every place or country has so many stories to be uncovered. Gathering diverse visions and creative travel narratives, we focus on the only thing that makes a journey unique: the eyes of the traveler. Eldorado is a brand by Folch and Goroka. 

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These ideas won't be available forever

Folch Insights is a curated selection of ephemeral interviews on business and communication with leading voices of our time. The interviews disappear forever after 5000 views.

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Creative print and production

Artifact is a creative production consultancy interpreting concepts to create high-end physical pieces through innovation and a mastery of the supply and production processes. Artifact is a brand by Folch, the producer 200 BIS and the printing company Agpograf. 

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