The Flames by

Strategic Narrative Design

Eldorado Volume One

A limited edition travel bookzine from a creative global collective.

Odiseo Vol.9 ‘Laughter and loathing’

In our ninth volume we take a puff of Satire by casting an acid, provocative glance on love, progress and society.

Odiseo Vol.8 ‘The rift between the other and me’

In our eight volume we explore the multiple meanings and shapes of ‘Encounters’.

Odiseo Vol.7 ‘The Truth’

Our seventh issue is dedicated to the notion of Truth.

Odiseo Vol. 6 ‘Nature and artifice’

In our sixth volume we turn our sight to the nature and artifice.


A collective of creators devoted to exceptional adventures and travel experiences – Eldorado is a brand by Folch.
Odiseo by Folch


Aiming to unveil a distinctive vision of seduction through curation of emerging photographers & artists – Odiseo is a brand by Folch.