Narrative Business Design

Key Concepts by Folch

Branding and communications is about questioning. Before developing a brand or communications strategy, you need to understand the context. This gives you the basis to create a framework and develop your concept. As part of a new initiative, Key Concepts by Folch, we want to open up a critical discussion to collectively define new ways of understanding the current communications environment.

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Liquid Blanding

Brands need to be flexible and resilient, to naturally adapt to changing factors, allowing them to reinvent themselves and continue to attract attention through creative thinking. The key is to create a visual mood, a way of understanding the brand in a liquid state, rather than communicating it through a set of rules.  

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Strategic Brand Narrative

Each brand needs to create their own tone of voice in order to inspire and transmite core values and personality. For capturing their essence, it is crucial to go beyond branding and set a mental framework. This is the key to connect with people emotionally and establish a human-to-human conversation between not targets but existing and potential audiences about things that matter to them.


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