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Strategic Narrative Design

Bershka On Stage by Folch

Bershka On Stage

Bershka On Stage is a global event series, bringing the brand into new territories through new narratives.
Empowering youth, rebranding a city by Folch

Empowering youth, rebranding a city

A city brand is spread through the eyes of its citizens, by creativity and music, languages without boundaries
A documentary about the real Barcelona by Folch

A documentary about the real Barcelona

A documentary for betevé that contemplates the real Barcelona – La Mirada Imperfecta.
Openhouse Studio by Folch

Openhouse Studio

Turning a magazine into an agency.

Combining sound and visual components to explain a concept, tell a story, present an idea or promote a campaign across different types of channels and spaces. The Folch company White Horse gives us the opportunity to develop and produce audiovisual formats for brands with a strategic, thoughtful and aesthetic approach to storytelling. Besides production, White Horse promotes and provides guidance to the campaigns produced, follows the results, scans and analyses the message and its reach as a part of the activation plan. We develop insightful stories having in mind the way diverse audiences listen and are attracted to them.