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Strategic Narrative Design

A Live-Streamed Event for Marset by Folch

A Live-Streamed Event for Marset

Bringing the brand to another environment through the curation and streaming of a postmodern celebration.
Empowering youth, rebranding a city by Folch

Empowering youth, rebranding a city

A city brand is spread through the eyes of its citizens, by creativity and music, languages without boundaries
The Story Behind A Lamp by Folch

The Story Behind A Lamp

A brand series to present a new line of products for Marset
#MésServeiPúblic by Folch


Shifting perceptions of the public sector by highlighting the real people working behind the scenes for the Ajuntament de Barcelona.
Odiseo Vol.11 by Folch

Odiseo Vol.11

Odiseo Vol. 11 explores the concept of metamorphosis through the lens of the ‘cocoon’.
Newsroom for betevé by Folch

Newsroom for betevé

Building a functional multidirectional space for the local media channel

Over the years we have gained invaluable experience and understanding of printing and production processes which has provided overall control, maximising opportunities. As a result of this, we are able to add significant value, experience and consideration to every piece of production. Also, our creative direction services include support and guidance throughout the launch of every new project, whether it is a website, a book or a piece of packaging. In doing so, we put our managing skills and our collaborators infrastructure at the forefront of every project, making the process easy and free from obstacles.