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Strategic Narrative Design

Renzo Piano: The Maestros Series

Reaching new audiences through a transmedia series and content-led approach
Metrovacesa by Folch


With a new understanding of real estate, we delved into the strategy and branding of Metrovacesa.

Odiseo Vol. 10

Our anniversary volume bound to the opposing notions of Dystopia and Utopia.
CH Privée by Folch

CH Privée

A campaign pairing two visions to create a complete universe around the new fragrance.
Marset ‘Product Series’ by Folch

Marset ‘Product Series’

A campaign aiming to turn the spotlight on the lamps and bring them to the surface of communication.
DREAM Magazine by Folch

DREAM Magazine

A visual platform that contemplates the relationships we have with the objects and materials around us.
Arquetipos by Folch


An editorial line that could give new life to the archive of Arquia Foundation.

La Mirada Imperfecta

The relaunching campaign with aim to change the perception of Barcelona through a fragmented image of the city.

Eldorado Volume One

A limited edition travel bookzine from a creative global collective.

Odiseo Vol.9 ‘Laughter and loathing’

In our ninth volume we take a puff of Satire by casting an acid, provocative glance on love, progress and society.


Renewing the whole brand of the gourmet burger chain and building a community around it.


A bold move of a 360 turn on all channels of communication, we reshaped the product design company.
Rosalía & Raül Refree by Folch

Rosalía & Raül Refree

Art direction in video and photography for the new album "Catalina", reflecting the artists' traditional and contemporary approach.

Odiseo Vol.8 ‘The rift between the other and me’

In our eight volume we explore the multiple meanings and shapes of ‘Encounters’.

Marset ‘Reflections on light’ II

Aimed at highlighting not just the products but the people and the company behind them, the campaign was designed.


A lift for the identity and the annual publication based upon the concept of repetition.

Metal Magazine

The genesis of the renowned publication, claiming a more conceptual idea of fashion

Odiseo Vol.7 ‘The Truth’

Our seventh issue is dedicated to the notion of Truth.


With repetition as a concept, and movement as a continuum across the whole publication.

CdC Spanish Annual

A cult publication rewarding the best ideas in the country, turned into four.

Odiseo Vol. 6 ‘Nature and artifice’

In our sixth volume we turn our sight to the nature and artifice.

Herrera Confidential

An extensive launching campaign for the fashion house of Carolina Herrera.


Enhancing a brand, smoothing out an identity for the interior design company.

Strange Plants

A publication dedicated to the celebration of plants in contemporary art.

ADC*E Essay Series

A publication to be valuable in its physicality and an object of desire.

Earth, Water, Air, Fire

A paper on nature and architecture practice for ETH Zürich.