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Cuidem Barcelona by Folch
No tengas miedo a tener la razón by Folch

No tengas miedo a tener la razón

Giving voice to brilliant and visionary disobedience
Roche, a new digital environment by Folch

Roche, a new digital environment

New guidelines for the renewed editorial environment of Roche
The Smokers by Folch

The Smokers

A personalized concept for photographer duo AdlerFresneda presenting their work in a new and experiential way
Crème Caramel by Folch

Crème Caramel

A video spinning off into an object and new line of projects: CANADA books

After the decline of traditional advertising and the cultural shift that changed radically the way we consume content, the way to reach audiences has drastically changed: people can access stories, news, audiovisuals from everywhere, at every time. A transmedia editorial environment maps a new territory: print and digital are not only entwined but they make part of a bigger ecosystem where storytelling, strategy, design, social networks, copywriting, and art direction all contribute to engage a conversation with the audience and build relationships. Not one message in many forms like old advertising, but a discourse that revolves around the audience across different channels, each with specific characteristics. An approach that allows to permeate people’s lives, as well as informing, amusing, entertaining.