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Strategic Narrative Design

The office: an aspirational mood for Xavier Garcia by Folch

The office: an aspirational mood for Xavier Garcia

Reflecting the sophistication of the brand through a fashion editorial
Rebranding Xavier Garcia by Folch

Rebranding Xavier Garcia

Positioning the brand in the world of fashion, while projecting a contemporary attitude.
A Point of Sale for MVC by Folch

A Point of Sale for MVC

Transferring the mood of a brand into a physical space.
Barcelona Producció by Folch

Barcelona Producció

A campaign interpreting the artist as a brand with an online community of its own.

If a name sets the tone and tells the story of a brand, a logo is its symbol and visual statement. We develop identities from the initial naming process to the design of a creative experience by using the brand logo as a core to a bigger system and way of thinking. We work coherently with our clients to understand their values, missions and goals to deliver and build a brand solution with a strong environment and set of visual and textural characteristics.