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WOUF F/W 2019 Collection by Folch

WOUF F/W 2019 Collection

Different sights of Europe tell the story of the new campaign collection.
Casting a new light on TNC by Folch

Casting a new light on TNC

Creating the imagery for the national theatre in three different stages, starting with Abona’t – the pre-campaign.
The Pearl on the Coast by Folch

The Pearl on the Coast

Finding a narrative that goes beyond the product, creating a completely new environment for the brand
The Reputation Campaign #ShareLikeFollowBCN by Folch

The Reputation Campaign #ShareLikeFollowBCN

A choral campaign aimed to improve the reputation of Barcelona.
A Long-Awaited Summer by Folch

A Long-Awaited Summer

Expanding and strengthening the brand narrative of WOUF.
Crème Caramel by Folch

Crème Caramel

A video spinning off into an object and new line of projects: CANADA books

Due to the shift of paradigm in the increased awareness of transmedia storytelling, the importance of design thinking and growing demand of content creation we have within the universe of Folch given birth to White Horse, a creative company focused on production and activation. White Horse stands for the production of audio visual pieces and photographic commissions working with the top directors, filmmakers and photographers to realise the pieces for brands and institutions. We are collaborating with photographic studios, equipment rentals with the most updated technique within the field to reach the highest production.