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Strategic Narrative Design

Odiseo Vol.11

Odiseo Vol. 11 explores the concept of metamorphosis through the lens of the ‘cocoon’.
The Smokers by Folch

The Smokers

A personalized concept for photographer duo AdlerFresneda presenting their work in a new and experiential way

Crème Caramel

A video spinning off into an object and new line of projects: CANADA books
Soho House x Folch by Folch

Soho House x Folch

The series of events we are curating within the framework of Soho House.

Renzo Piano: The Maestros Series

Reaching new audiences through a transmedia series and content-led approach
Montoya by Folch


Conceptualisation of a new idea of a space

Digital narratives for place branding

A course with the aim of creating an editorial project to help change the perception of Barcelona

Newsroom for betevé

Building a functional multidirectional space for the local media channel

Place Branding workshops in Central and South America

Two international workshops around the idea of using strategic narratives to rebrand a country or a city.


Repositioning Wouf as a contemporary lifestyle brand

Barcelona Producció

A campaign interpreting the artist as a brand with an online community of its own.
Metrovacesa by Folch


With a new understanding of real estate, we delved into the strategy and branding of Metrovacesa.

Odiseo Vol. 10

Our anniversary volume bound to the opposing notions of Dystopia and Utopia.
CH Privée by Folch

CH Privée

A campaign pairing two visions to create a complete universe around the new fragrance.


'Gas. Change of State' a conference by Folch held within the framework OFFF Festival 2017.
ELISAVA Master in Digital Publishing ’17 by Folch

ELISAVA Master in Digital Publishing ’17

Within the Master in Graphic Design at ELISAVA, Folch is in charge of the Digital Publishing project.

La Mirada Imperfecta

The relaunching campaign with aim to change the perception of Barcelona through a fragmented image of the city.


A rebirth based on the urge to alter the notion of the local channel through place branding and transmedia approach.

Eldorado Volume One

A limited edition travel bookzine from a creative global collective.


A bold move of a 360 turn on all channels of communication, we reshaped the product design company.


A lift for the identity and the annual publication based upon the concept of repetition.

Deux Souliers

Bringing shoes to a new visual perception through imaginative art direction.

Estones de Mishima

Establishing a synergic connection between the band and the wine producer, between music and gastronomy.

Herrera Confidential

An extensive launching campaign for the fashion house of Carolina Herrera.

e-temas / Arquia Foundation

Bringing useful tools for architects into an interactive editorial environment.



A collective of creators devoted to exceptional adventures and travel experiences – Eldorado is a brand by Folch.


A enticing logotype characterised by a gothic-based letter styling for the co-working space.
Odiseo by Folch


Aiming to unveil a distinctive vision of seduction through curation of emerging photographers & artists – Odiseo is a brand by Folch.

Marset. Reflections on light

A campaign highlighting the people behind the brand.

Fucking Young!

Cool, distinguished and appealing were the keywords for the renovation of the fashion platform.

Earth, Water, Air, Fire

A paper on nature and architecture practice for ETH Zürich.