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Year: 2017
Tags: Conference and Workshop

A series of events curated by Folch for Soho House. 

Photography by Martí Pujol  and Lea Bräuer

Founded in London in 1995 as a an international private members’ club for people in the creative industries, Soho House has now numerous clubs around Europe and North America.



Curation as a narrative tool for a brand

The series of events we are curating for Soho House aims to offer the venue’s selected public relevant visions from the world of arts and creativity. With a focus on conferences, workshops and events, Soho House Barcelona came to us to initiate a collaboration. We started to create a concept that could be relevant for the club’s audience, representing our way of understanding different creative visions and thinking. The idea was to create a platform where boundaries between disciplines are melted together and ideas are key. 


Folch - Soho House x Folch

SOHO House Barcelona © SOHO House

We curated a year long session programme consisting of ten monthly events featuring international and national speakers, across Barcelona, Berlin, and Istanbul. Conference sessions designed to be inspirational and to create a closeness to the audience, bringing new ideas and experiences to the light. We wanted to map our ideas not only through our own words, but through people who belong to the Folch universe. In other words, a curation of diverse personalities and professionals within the same field, with different ideas and points of view, revolving around a variety of topics. Always visionary, never theoretical. For the first event we invited art director and set designer Cristina Ramos, the second one was held by artist and designer Toni Arola. The third session took place in Soho House Berlin with Odiseo’s editor-in-chief Emmy Koski. 


  • Folch - Soho House x Folch

In the third session Odiseo’s Emmy Koski introduced the brand’s distinct and personal vision of seduction – this time in Soho House Berlin. During the evening she delved into the process, conceptualisation and curation of Odiseo, as well as the crucial act of blurring the lines between art, fashion and eroticism. Walking the audience through the magazine’s genesis to its future visions, Emmy also discussed the consequences of working on a self initiated project, including free expression and the challenges of learning by doing.

Folch - Soho House x Folch
Toni Arola, artist and designer

#2 An African Folktale with Toni Arola

For the second session we invited designer and artist Antoni Arola. Fleeing from definitions, Toni’s award-winning work covers diverse fields —from lighting projects to furniture, interior design to ephemeral installations and perfume containers— and it has been exposed in many cities around the world. But the event which he was protagonist of wasn’t about any of these.

Soho House x Folch | Folch
Soho House x Folch | Folch
Soho House x Folch | Folch
Soho House x Folch | Folch
Soho House x Folch | Folch

Instead, it delved into a journey that Toni did ‘before anything else happened’ as he presented his African initiation trip to the audience. In a laid-back and fine evening, he captivated the audience with photographs, drawings, sketches, painting, sculptures that he produced during his journeys at the beginning of the Nineties in Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana, exploring the land of the Niger and the fascinating communities of the Dogons and the Gurunsis, among others. The material was premiered for the Soho House audience, and it will published for the first time ever on Eldorado Experience this fall.

Folch - Soho House x Folch

#1 Dreams of Matter with Cristina Ramos

The first session Dreams of Matter was held by set designer and co-founder of the magazine DREAM Cristina Ramos, a talk where she highlighted her love for objects and compositions. In her talk, she delved into her research about artists and their relationships with objects: Cristina shared with the audience of Soho House stories and images by Ai WeiWei, Xavier Corberó, and Patti Smith, among others. An inspiring event, capped by the exclusive premiere of the latest short film by photographer Txema Yeste.

Conference and Workshop. 2017