Strategic Narrative Design

The Smokers by Folch

The Smokers

A personalized concept for photographer duo AdlerFresneda presenting their work in a new and experiential way

Marset ‘Reflections on light’ II

Aimed at highlighting not just the products but the people and the company behind them, the campaign was designed.


A lift for the identity and the annual publication based upon the concept of repetition.

Deux Souliers

Bringing shoes to a new visual perception through imaginative art direction.

The Switchers

Turning cases into stories, shifting from institutional to inspirational, we created an editorial platform for the EU initiative.


With repetition as a concept, and movement as a continuum across the whole publication.

CdC Spanish Annual

A cult publication rewarding the best ideas in the country, turned into four.

Odiseo Vol. 6 ‘Nature and artifice’

In our sixth volume we turn our sight to the nature and artifice.

Herrera Confidential

An extensive launching campaign for the fashion house of Carolina Herrera.
O by Folch


Attractive, mysterious and conceptual solution for the identity of the multitasking agency.


A collective of creators devoted to exceptional adventures and travel experiences – Eldorado is a brand by Folch.


A enticing logotype characterised by a gothic-based letter styling for the co-working space.

Marset. Reflections on light

A campaign highlighting the people behind the brand.