Design Agency

Strategic thinking and inspiring narrative around brands

We provide expertise with creative ideas and disruptive strategies that create brand value and innovation through Strategic Thinking, build a new narrative around brands through Brand Journalism, widening their competitive landscape and finally allowing them to grow and become part of new networks. Our ability to integrate a wide transversality of skills and deep understanding of the digital environment with the creative mindset of a design agency, enabled us to work with international clients such Inditex, Puig, Marset, Switch-Med, Desigual, among others.

A name, a logo and a visual identity system

If a name sets the tone and tells the story of a brand, a logo is its symbol and visual statement. We develop identities from the initial naming process to the design of a creative experience by using the brand logo as a core to a bigger system and way of thinking. We work coherently with our clients to understand their values, missions and goals to deliver and build a brand solution with a strong environment and set of visual and textural characteristics.

Tumblr by Folch

Print and digital with an editorial approach

With more than ten years experience in design and editing, we develop printed editorial projects, ranging from brochures and magazines to books and publishers’ collections. A meticulous attention to detail, and understanding of materials and finishes has made Folch a reference in the editorial world. On a digital level we apply all our knowledge to a wide range of projects, producing fully responsive websites across all digital devices. We achieve solutions which are aesthetically pleasing with an excellent user experience that focus on a considered navigational interface and system. We develop beautiful and functional projects in both classic and timeless print format and the ever-evolving digital advances.

Creating content around brands

Our approach allows us to engage in all stages of a project, from the design process to editing and often the creation of brand-related content. Branded content is a narrative tool that helps firms reach their audiences via different channels and media, promoting and marketing the brand. After developing a content strategy we work with clients creating a relevant environment for the brand which strongly enhances emotional bonds with the audience. With our internationally awarded art direction and design skills, we are able to give perfect form to any brand’s communication.

Art direction services

With our art direction service we translate the moods, concepts, messages and ideas of clients and brands into images. We work with different photographers, illustrators, and filmmakers, to shape the look and feel of a project, communicating visually and appealing to our clients’ target audience. We have collaborated with fashion, studio and documentary photographers, international and national illustrators, freelance filmmakers and video producers.

Creative direction in production

Over the years we have gained invaluable experience and understanding of printing and production processes which has provided overall control, maximising opportunities. As a result of this, we are able to add significant value, experience and consideration to every piece of production. Also, our creative direction services include support and guidance throughout the launch of every new project, whether it is a website, a book or a piece of packaging. In doing so, we put our managing skills and our collaborators infrastructure at the forefront of every project, making the process easy and free from obstacles.

Awards overview

Our mission in education

With the aim of spreading knowledge, sharing ideas and educating on the topic of design, Folch takes part in conferences and events, as well as giving lectures and workshops at design schools and communication universities. Albert Folch is currently co-director of the Postgraduate Course in Graphic Design and Publishing Projects at ELISAVA, together with Marc Panero (Base Design) and Pablo Juncadella (Mucho). In conjunction with this Albert also teaches at the Postgraduate Course of Art Direction in ELISAVA and gives a yearly workshop in Editorial Design at the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera of Valencia.