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Folch is a Barcelona-based design agency founded in 2004 by Albert Folch. The studio works with national and international clients across multiple disciplines including brand identities, naming, print, editorial and publishing, websites and digital platforms as well as content creation, creative direction in production, audio visual and photography. Folch’s approach is defined by its engagement with all stages of any given project, from concepts to final form participating actively in art direction and content editing. This diverse approach set the foundations for two new editorial adventures that launched in 2011: Odiseo publication and Eldorado experience.


Albert Folch
Creative director & Founder

Barcelona, 1977. Graduated in Graphic Design from ESDI (Universitat Ramon Llull) Albert also studied Geology at UAB and photography at Royal Academie of Arts de Amberes (Belgium). Creative and art director at Folch, and co-director and teacher in the Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design and Publishing Projects at ELISAVA.

Instagram: @albertfolchrubio

Rafa Martínez
COO, Branding Consultant & Partner

Barcelona, 1976. Rafa studied journalism at the Blanquerna – Universidad Ramon Llull. In 2010, he became partner of Folch, where he works as COO, studio manager and Brand Journalism consultant. He is also partner of the Eldorado project, bringing in his strategic vision and his journalistic approach as well as guiding the communication of the platform in all of its phases. Rafa is also teaching the Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design and Publishing Projects at ELISAVA.

Santos Henarejos
Art director & Partner

Alicante, 1979. Both as independent graphic designer and through his own studio, Santos has endeavoured the field of graphic design with a special focus on editorial design. Working both in Madrid and New York, he has designed magazines such as Ling, Makeshift or The Outpost among others projects. Santos is also teaching the Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design and Publishing Projects at ELISAVA.

Instagram: @santsserif

Raimon Guirado
Senior designer

Barcelona, 1990. Raimon graduated in Graphic design from ELISAVA. After years of experience in the design field, he widened his skills with a Master’s Degree with a focus on Identity and Editorial Design at the same design school.

Allie Heesh
Junior designer

Nottingham (England), 1991.  Allie successfully completed a foundation in Art and design at the Manchester school of art. She continued her studies at Northumbria University, achieving a Bachelor Degree in Graphic design.

Instagram @allie_heesh

Josep Puy
Junior Designer

Barcelona, 1994. Josep joined the design world through his studies in publishing and advertising graphics at CIC design school. He has recently completed his Master’s Degree at ELISAVA and is now working as junior designer at Folch.

Instagram @joseppuy

Gonçalo Geirinhas
Junior designer

Lisboa, 1992. Gonçalo graduated in Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and then studied Web & Mobile Development to broaden his skills. He has been working with freelance assignments since 2013 and has now joined Folch.

Instagram @ggeirinhas



Sergi Vilà Bori
Junior designer

Barcelona, 1989. After graduating in Graphic Design at ELISAVA, Sergi gained working experience while working in different studios during a couple of years. He has been freelancing since early 2015 until he joined the team at Folch as a junior designer.

Marc Albornà
Junior consultant

Barcelona, 1988. He studied Fashion Marketing and Communication at Instituto Europeo di Design Barcelona. During several years he has managed events and created communication strategies for the high gastronomy sector at the Grup GSR agency. Marc is now coursing a Master in Fashion Communication at Blanquerna – Universitat Ramon Llull.

Elena Qureshi
Project Manager assistant

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), 1994. Recently graduated in Design Management at ESDi (Universitat Ramon Llull) Elena has gained experience as a co-director, creator and developer through different projects and events. Highlighting the creation and management of a social design project in collaboration with SAS – Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Vincenzo Angileri
Editor & Designer

Marsala (Italy), 1991. Raised in Sicily, he attended classical studies. After having graduated from Politecnico di Milano —and an exchange period in an art school in Portugal— he got a MA in Graphic Design in ELISAVA.


Emmy Koski
Editor & designer

Skellefteå (Sweden), 1990. Raised in the north of Sweden Emmy studied media direction during her high school years. She finally moved to Barcelona to attend her studies in Visual Communication at the Istituto Europeo di Design.

Instagram @emmykoski


Andreu Llos
Web developer

Torroella de Montgrí, 1988. Andreu got a diploma in Computer Management and a Degree in Multimedia. He has been working as a freelance developer and web designer since 2010, both individually and in collaboration with agencies and design studios. He led the development of websites like Fucking Young!, Eldorado Experience and Folch.

Francisca Torres
Graphic designer & Copywriter

Lisboa, 1987. Francisca got a Degree in Communication design at the faculty of Fine Arts of the Lisbon University and a Master’s Degree in Editorial design at ELISAVA Barcelona. She collaborates with Folch as a graphic designer and a copywriter.

Instagram: @cismtorres

Marçal Vaquer

Barcelona. Marçal is a Barcelona-based photographer who specialises in Still Life, Product, Food and Beverages photography. He studied Fine Arts at Universitat de Barcelona and Advertising Photography at IDEP Barcelona. Unless noted otherwise, he is the author of all the Folch’s project pictures.

Leo García Méndez

Caracas (Venezuela), 1987. Leo is a Barcelona based photographer. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, studied Film Making at ESCAC, Documentary & Artistic Photography and Advertisement Photography at IDEP Barcelona. He enjoys combining Documentary with Advertisement photography and also specialises in Making of and Still Photo.

Instagram: @leocroma

Sarah Parot
Editor & Copywriter

Paris (France), 1983. After having graduated in Modern Literature at the faculty of La Sorbonne (France), Sarah got a master degree in Book Publishing at the university of Alcalá (Spain). She has been working as a freelance editor and copywriter since 2009, and she is author of several travel & cultural books about Barcelona.


Cristina Ramos
Set designer & creative director

Barcelona 1980. Cristina is a Barcelona-based set designer and creative director known by never finishing her degree studies in History, Psychology and Interior Design. Although mainly focused in fashion photography, Cristina´s favourite jobs always revolve around still life photography due to her deep love for objects and materials.


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2015. ADC*E Award. Strange Plants with Zioxla (Design – Editorial)2 FAD Golden Laus Awards. “White Whale” shortfilm for Eldorado (Audiovisuals – Virals and Branded Content); Strange Plantswith Zioxla (Graphic design – Best book cover). 5 FAD Silver Laus Awards. Strange Plantswith Zioxla (Graphic design – Complete book); Odiseo vol.4/vol.5 (Graphic design – Best periodic publication); Eldorado Panama (Graphic design – Art direction in Photography); Eldorado newsletter (Web and digital media – E-mail marketing); sim-stim by Zeitguised for Odiseo vol.4 (Audiovisuals – Virals and Branded Content). 3 FAD Bronze Laus Awards. Fucking Young! (Web and digital media – Best website); Story: we recommend (Graphic design – Promotional elements); Samuel Nyholm for marset (Graphic design – Art direction in Illustration)

2014. ADC*E Award Nomination. Odiseo by Canada (Film & radio – Corporate Video/TV): by the agency Canada; Odiseo (Design – Editorial Book); 7 FAD Silver Laus Award. eldorado experience one (Graphic Design/Art Direction in Photography); Odiseo by Canada (Web and Digital Media/Virals or Branded Content); Odiseo (Graphic Design/Art Direction in Illustration); Tunica Magazine (Graphic Design/Periodical Publication); Biel.lo (Graphic Design / Alphabet, Lettering, Experimental Typography design); Story: we produce newspaper (Graphic Design / Promotion or Self-Promotion Item); Odiseo (Graphic Design/ Book Cover). 4 FAD Bronze Laus Award. eldorado experience one (Graphic Design / Periodical Publication); Odiseo (Graphic Design / Periodical Publication); El oftalmólogo curioso (Web and Digital Media/Best Website); Chlorine is my perfume (Graphic Design / Complete book).

2013. 1 FAD Golden Laus Award. Tiger Magazine #4 (Periodical); Ángela Palacios (Complete Book). 3 FAD Silver Laus Award. Video Sandal Deux Souliers (Virals or Branded content); Mishima. L’Amor Feliç (Art Direction in Photography); An Incomplete Map of a Time Fragment (Self promotion) 5 FAD Bronze Laus Award. Pedro Rodríguez (Catalogue); Marset 12-13 (Corporative publication/Art direction in illustration); Four Geometry Sets by Ignacio Uriarte (Complete Book); An Incomplete Map of a Time Fragment (Art Direction in Photography); Fucking Young! Magazine (Periodical); Birdog. The only constant is change (Virals or Branded Content/Logotype).

2012. ADC*E Award Nomination. Tiger Magazine (Editorial Design); 4 FAD Silver Laus. BCN Producció’11 (Graphic Design for public administration); (Website), Dutti World Microsite (Microsite); Tiger Magazine (Complete magazine). 4 FAD Bronze Laus. BCN Producció’11 (Editorial projects for public administration); Revista Metal (Complete Magazine); Absolut Mode Society Website (website).

2011. FAD Silver Laus. Tiger Magazine (Complete magazine); 4 FAD Bronze Laus. Marset Novedades’10 (Art Direction in Photography); Misa Negra (Complete Book); Montehermoso’07 (Catalogue); Suena Brillante (Complete Book).

2010. Barcelona City Award. Shortlisted for the Revista Metal (Magazine).

2009. FAD Silver Laus. Fanzine 137 (Complete magazine); Apartamento Magazine (Complete magazine); Revista Few (Complete magazine).

2008. Daniel Gil Award for Editorial Design. Premis d’Arquitectura de Mallorca 04-06 Catalogue (Editorial Design). 2 FAD Golden Laus. R, esta es nuestra historia (In-house publication); FAD book 06-07 (Annual Report). 3 FAD Silver Laus. Fanzine 137 (Complete Magazine); Agenda Musac (Promotion item); Revista Metal (Magazine cover)Design Week London Awards Shortlisted for the Diseño II: The best in contemporary Spanish Design by ICEX London, UK (Exhibition catalogue).

2007. Premi Daniel Gil de Diseño de libros. Selected for: ‘Kenneth Russo. Sonesnat’ by Espai Zero1. Olot (Complete Book); ‘Nestor Sanmiguel Diest. Las emociones barrocas’ by MUSAC Junta de Castilla y León (Complete Book); FAD BOOK 06-07 Memória d’activitats by FAD. Barcelona (Complete book); Julia Montilla by MARCO de Vigo. Xunta de Galícia. (Complete Book).

2006.FAD Bronze Laus. True Fakes for Catalunya Crea. Generalitat de Catalunya (Promotion item); Fanzine 137 (Complete magazine and magazine development). Selected for  Premi Daniel Gil de Diseño de libros. Pero dime la Verdad de la Sala Rekalde. Bilbao (Complete book). Ahora por 787* by Jordi Mitjà (Catalogue).

2005.FAD Silver Laus. Fanzine 137 (Complete Magazine).



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