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"We Never Had a Business Plan"

A masterclass at ESADE on creative approaches towards the concept and development of a business plan.
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Marset Product Series

We decided to turn the spotlight to the lamps and place them on the surface of communication, displaying them as pieces of art.
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Shifting perceptions of the public sector by highlighting the real people working behind the scenes for the Ajuntament de Barcelona.
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A Long-Awaited Summer

After our rebranding for retailer WOUF, it was time for them to both expand and strengthen their customized brand narrative.
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Odiseo Vol.11

Compelled by one of nature’s most fascinating life cycles, Odiseo Vol. 11 explores the concept of metamorphosis through the lens of the ‘cocoon’.
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The Smokers

A personalized concept for photographer duo AdlerFresneda presenting their work in a new and experiential way.
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Crème Caramel

A video commissioned by NOWNESS ended spinning off into an object and new line of projects: CANADA books.
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Soho House x Folch

Curating events as a narrative tool for a brand: a series of sessions curated for Soho House with the aim to map diverse ideas in the fields of arts, business, creativity.
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Renzo Piano: The Maestros Series

Campaigning with Fundación Arquia to step outside the architectural industry and reach new audiences through a transmedia series and content-led approach to communication.
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The idea behind Montoya is to curate and house and space for diverse influential creatives open to a whole range of possibilities only bound to one loose notion – a nexus.
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Digital Narratives for Place Branding

Within the ELISAVA Master's Programme, the Digital Narrative course aims to strategically reposition the city brand of Barcelona, using editorial tools to change the way the city is perceived internationally.
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By acknowledging one simple fact – that a narrative defines a brand, not its identity – our commission to rethink the approach of the retail brand WOUF took shape.
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Barcelona Producció

Interpreting the artist as a brand with its followers, the figure of the artist has changed alongside the society he or she lives in. For Barcelona Producció, we translated this shift into a campaign.
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Barcelona Design Week '17

Explaining transformation through people who have managed to transform society from their respective fields.
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Smashing the conventional vision of a Barcelona: The main aim of the La Mirada Imperfecta campaign for betevé was to eventually extend to new territories, creating strategic communication through narratives and expanding its reach through a transmedia approach.
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