Narrative Business Design

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Type01 for Tylko

Creating an animated musical spot
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Lighting compositions

A new campaign for Marset
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MES Barcelona

Branding a public policy
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La Grossa

Transforming a lottery campaign into a TV sitcom
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Gallery Sessions

A new strategic paradigm
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Good Direction Sans

A custom typeface accentuating Avanti’s identity
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Francesc Orella & Elisabet Casanovas in GAUDIR

A continued campaign for the Catalan Cinema Academy
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Good Direction Sans

Inspired by the influence of humanist and geometric typefaces in signage.
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España Nación Emprendedora

A contemporary brand identity inspiring evolution
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Marset Outdoor

Enhancing the outdoor sub-brand by setting multiple layers of information within the campaign
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No tengas miedo a tener la razón

Giving voice to brilliant and visionary disobedience
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Sharing outfits to create a digital #community.
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Més Cultura

Reclaiming the arts in the midst of a pandemic
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Partnering up with adidas

adidas installation and narrative content within Acid House's framework
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From business to brand

Transforming Tropicfeel from successful business to holistic brand
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Compra A Prop

Barcelona local commerce campaign.
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TKN - Rosalía, Travis Scott & CANADA

Graphic development for Rosalía's new music video
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