By acknowledging one simple fact – that a narrative defines a brand, not its identity – our commission to rethink the approach of the retail brand WOUF took shape.
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Soho House x Folch

Curating events as a narrative tool for a brand: a series of sessions curated for Soho House with the aim to map diverse ideas in the fields of arts, business, creativity.
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Barcelona Producció

Interpreting the artist as a brand with its followers, the figure of the artist has changed alongside the society he or she lives in. For Barcelona Producció, we translated this shift into a campaign.
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Stradivarius Man

In current times of constant change and with a society of people apt to accept changes for brands, we discovered that what Stradivarius needed was a rebranding that would allow the male and female line to coexist in one brand.
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Not only to renewing the company but projecting a new way of understanding real estate: our strategic rebranding for Metrovacesa.
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Barcelona Design Week '17

Explaining transformation through people who have managed to transform society from their respective fields.
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Marset Product Series

We decided to turn the spotlight to the lamps and place them on the surface of communication, displaying them as pieces of art.
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Smashing the conventional vision of a Barcelona: The main aim of the La Mirada Imperfecta campaign for betevé was to eventually extend to new territories, creating strategic communication through narratives and expanding its reach through a transmedia approach.
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