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Michael Hernandez x Insights

"Creativity is the real asset of education. And it takes time. It's hard work."
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Wood & Paint

An evolving collection of videos which projects Marset's lamps more of art pieces than functional objects.
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The office: an aspirational mood for Xavier Garcia

Amplifying the scope of Xavier Garcia´s communications and bringing the brand closer to the world of fashion through a sophisticated editorial.
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A contemporary identity for Mobles114

A new look and feel to embrace the brand’s values while positioning it as a timeless and meaningful company connected to Barcelona’s heritage and creativity.
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Young Talent: The Optimism of Brightening Life

Born from a desire to explore artistic fields and expand our perception of the brand, Marset’s new initiative Young Talents fosters meaningful collaborations with emerging artists.
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A conversation with Dream Magazine

We talk to Cristina Ramos, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director, about conceptualisation, spiritualism, curation, the love for objects and the evolution of nature morte.
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Arjon Dunnewind x Insights

We talk to Arjon Dunnewind, artist, researcher and founder of the art centre IMPAKT (NL), about post-truth, the role of art and activism, and the value of fiction as a tool to understand reality.
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