Narrative Business Design

Som dones, som urbanes

Shifting perceptions of the Guardia Urbana thought a realistic approach emphasizing the role of women.
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Compra A Prop

Barcelona local commerce campaign.
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Avocado Rise

A non-profit collaborative documentary from Tropicfeel and Eldorado.
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Tested. A global campaign for SGS

A global campaign for the world's leading testing and verification company.
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TNC Campaign for 2020-21 season

The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC) reopens its doors to the 2020-21 season.
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adidas Superstar at
Window Gallery

adidas Superstar celebrates 50th Anniversary at Acid House Barcelona
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TKN - Rosalía, Travis Scott & CANADA

Graphic development for Rosalía's new music video
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Acid Grotesk

A new typeface for a new space
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Rec Comtal

Reviving the historical Rec Comtal
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Graphic development for Dua Lipa's new music video
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Bad Gyal & Eduard Farelo in GAUDIR

A campaign and coverage aiming to connect generations and ways of understanding film and audiovisual in the Catalan Film Industry.
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Digital Future Society

Brand narrative, content creation and transmedia digital activation for a Global Think Tank.
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Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design

A graphic adaptation for a new exhibition
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4 Years From Now

Transferring the mood of a business platform to a global community of startups
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Taking our model to Luxembourg

An in-depth interview and conference with Folch founders by Design Friends
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A Brand Narrative for the Disseny Hub & Museu Disseny de Barcelona

Brand journalism, content curation and digital activation through transmedia.
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Norman Foster: The Maestros Series

Reaching new audiences through a transmedia, content-led approach.
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WOUF F/W 2019 Collection

Different sights of Europe tell the story of the new campaign collection.
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Brand journalism for eco-sustainable business. Communicating the inspirational stories of green entrepreneurs across the Southern Mediterranean.
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Transmedia consultancy for Fundación Arquia

Strategic consultancy in brand positioning, dissemination of content and building influence.
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Comme des Garçons: Black Pepper, an organic shaped proposal

Taking Black Pepper from the physical to the abstract. Speculative design proposal for the sales packaging for a popular fragrance.
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Ecosistema: a Blueprint for Spanish Design

Communicating the impact and importance of design for the Spanish economy.
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Spanish Tech Center (now, Desafía) is an accelerator programme that facilitates the successful launching of Spanish tech companies in Silicon Valley and the USA. Now it was time to take the leap and to transfer the brand’s mood from a San Francisco-based centre to a global community.
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Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

We wanted to highlight a selection of actors and actresses to be the main protagonists so we organised and directed two distinct photoshoots with the same selected profiles.
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Bershka On Stage

Bershka On Stage is a transmedia, new narrative concept designed by Folch. It seeks for the physical space of the Bershka clothing store to reach beyond the products, bringing the brand into new territories and generating valuable content that allows people to perceive Bershka as a catalyst agent of culture.
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