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Bershka On Stage

Bershka On Stage is a transmedia, new narrative concept designed by Folch. It seeks for the physical space of the Bershka clothing store to reach beyond the products, bringing the brand into new territories and generating valuable content that allows people to perceive Bershka as a catalyst agent of culture.
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Marset x Young Talents

We wanted to present Marset’s latest collection through a new lens in time for EuroLuce, Salone del Mobile in Milan. Giving Marset a fresh approach, we communicated some of their key pieces through the eyes of emerging young talents within different artistic fields.
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By stepping out from the architectural logic, we worked on the construction of a narrative, alongside the rebranding of the brand’s visual identity, a new look and feel for its website and the design of a corporate editorial piece.
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Moving away from an institutional hub and growing closer to a museum or a cultural center – we needed to find a contemporary approach to match these ambitions.

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Arpa Editores

A new review for Arpa. We were commissioned to redesign their series of book collections. Finally, our proposal was not applied by the client, yet we decided to show the process behind.
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atelier Ramos

The evolution of the studio’s identity and website had to be a smooth one: we found comfort in the serif that had become a big part of its personality, above all linking it to the field of fashion.
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Museo Arqueológico de Lanzarote

Excavating the new archaeological museum of Lanzarote based on the characteristics of the iconic building and the terrain of the island.
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La Web de CANADA

Three brands under one new dynamic digital environment
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Michael Hernandez x Insights

"Creativity is the real asset of education. And it takes time. It's hard work."
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Wood & Paint

An evolving collection of videos which projects Marset's lamps more of art pieces than functional objects.
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The office: an aspirational mood for Xavier Garcia

Amplifying the scope of Xavier Garcia´s communications and bringing the brand closer to the world of fashion through a sophisticated editorial.
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A contemporary identity for Mobles114

A new look and feel to embrace the brand’s values while positioning it as a timeless and meaningful company connected to Barcelona’s heritage and creativity.
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