A contemporary identity for Mobles114

A new look and feel to embrace the brand’s values while positioning it as a timeless and meaningful company connected to Barcelona’s heritage and creativity.
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Young Talent: The Optimism of Brightening Life

Born from a desire to explore artistic fields and expand our perception of the brand, Marset’s new initiative Young Talents fosters meaningful collaborations with emerging artists.
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A conversation with Dream Magazine

We talk to Cristina Ramos, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director, about conceptualisation, spiritualism, curation, the love for objects and the evolution of nature morte.
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Arjon Dunnewind x Insights

We talk to Arjon Dunnewind, artist, researcher and founder of the art centre IMPAKT (NL), about post-truth, the role of art and activism, and the value of fiction as a tool to understand reality.
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C40 Talks: PR partnership for a global event

Managing national PR for C40 Cities during their event at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018
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Opening the doors to an international circle

A short film for Openhouse magazine, celebrating their latest international collaborative event. Now featured on NOWNESS.
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Carlo Ratti x Insights

We talk with Carlo Ratti, director of the MIT Senseable City Lab, about the real goal of design, the shifting relationships between cities and nations, and the talent economy, while simultaneously trying to understand if senseable cities will make us senseable humans or not.
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Activating a revenue ecosystem for Bobo Choses

With all the assets in place to tap into untouched digital audiences, Bobo needed a comprehensive digital strategy to get things started, expanding visibility and building a loyal customer base - as well as increasing sales.
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Every object has a story

#doiygallery is an exciting new initiative showcasing a series of unusual collaborations with emerging artists, offering them a carte blanche to interpret DOIY’s products in an entirely personal way.
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Rebranding Xavier Garcia

We opened up new ways of embracing the brand's values, using a language that positioned Xavier Garcia in the world of fashion and rethinking its identity.
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A new line from Doiy

We refined the packaging to meet the needs of this new collection. With attention to detail and materials we aimed to communicate a premium touch.
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The Pearl on the Coast

For Wouf AW'18 we were peering for something that goes beyond the appearance of the product and creating a completely new environment in the hands of the right people – our ambassadors.
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Doiy turns 10

“You only turn 10 once – so, one should do so properly.” Doiy is all about objects, we mapped out their story through ten important products that lead them to success.
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Do you feel free?

Odiseo Volume 12 explores the significance of uniformity, patterns, and the desire to belong.
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Empowering Youth and Talent, Rebranding a City

For the third episode of the global campaign #AlwaysBarcelona we expose the culturally prolific environment of Barcelona, a hotspot for musicians and artists.
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A Live-Streamed Event for Marset

Understanding events as a narrative tool for companies, we curated the Marset Summer Party, streamed it live and created an innovative concept for the postmodern celebration that would open up the brand's scope to new artistic fields.
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Georgia Taglietti x Insights

Together with Georgia Taglietti, Head of Communications at Sónar festival for over 20 years, we talk about the secrets to disruptive marketing, the power of a company selfie, and we hear the future sounds of tomorrow’s brands.
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Forget souvenirs, Barcelona is talent

A city brand is not spread through companies or institutions, but through the expertise of its citizens, driven above all by creativity and music, languages without boundaries.
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Barcelona Design Week 2018

With the concept of ‘revaluing’ at the core of all communication, the campaign invites the public to re-value everything which surrounds us and offers arguments which question how we should consume in the present in order to achieve sustainability in the future.
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Reclaiming Ciudad de Santander

How many city logos can you picture? – Maybe a logo is not the right way to identify a city. 
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The story behind a lamp

Product Series is an evolving collection of videos using brand journalism and conceptual abstraction to present a new product, its designer and artisanal process.
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Soho House x Folch

Presenting PlayGround's Isaac Marcet as part of the series of events we are curating for Soho House. With them we aim to offer the venue’s selected public relevant visions from the world of arts and creativity.
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Bringing Fluvia into a contemporary light

Casting aside Fluvia's corporate image and conveying a sense of contemporary elegance, we elevated the brand by highlighting the unique identity of every product.
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"We Never Had a Business Plan" / ESADE

A masterclass at ESADE on creative approaches towards the concept and development of a business plan, and why we’ve never planned on making one.
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The idea behind Montoya is to curate and house a space for diverse influential creatives looking for more than a desk, but a center to share ideas, develop connections across different disciplines and enlarge the possibilities to realise ambitions.
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CH Privée

A pairing of two visions creates a complete universe around the aroma – encapsulating both the intangible seductive qualities of the fragrance and the distinct values of the campaign and making of.
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