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Forget souvenirs, Barcelona is talent

A city brand is not spread through companies or institutions, but through the expertise of its citizens, driven above all by creativity and music, languages without boundaries.
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A Documentary About the Real Barcelona

Together with Goroka we created a documentary for betevé that would contemplate the idea of a city, without ornamentation – La Mirada Imperfecta.
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Barcelona Design Week 2018

With the concept of ‘revaluing’ at the core of all communication, the campaign invites the public to re-value everything which surrounds us and offers arguments which question how we should consume in the present in order to achieve sustainability in the future.
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Reclaiming Ciudad de Santander

How many city logos can you picture? – Maybe a logo is not the right way to identify a city. 
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Openhouse Studio

Printed magazines are no longer solely printed matter, they have become universes, brands, creative agencies of their own. In order for Openhouse to become that, the magazine needed a digital platform and online identity. We proudly present: Openhouse 9 and its newborn website.
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A Point of Sale for MVC

After defining the identity of the estate agency MVC, it was time to transfer the brand’s mood to a physical space, in this case the company’s points of sale, the only anchor between the product and the company, the only place where one can experience MVC in a physical, direct way.
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Beyond Millennials, Here Is Generation Z

Elise By Olsen is a representative of Generation Z. As a young person working in Fashion and the Arts, she’s building a voice and framework for her generation in terms of work and ethics, relying on both creativity and business as a starting point.
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The story behind a lamp

Product Series is an evolving collection of videos using brand journalism and conceptual abstraction to present a new product, its designer and artisanal process.
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Soho House x Folch

Presenting PlayGround's Isaac Marcet as part of the series of events we are curating for Soho House. With them we aim to offer the venue’s selected public relevant visions from the world of arts and creativity.
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Bringing Fluvia into a contemporary light

Casting aside Fluvia's corporate image and conveying a sense of contemporary elegance, we elevated the brand by highlighting the unique identity of every product.
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Dream Magazine Vol.2

Dedicated to the love for objects, balance and immateriality – the second issue is an upgrade from the first – featuring a curated scope of artists, photographers and writers sharing the fascination of the matter.
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