Narrative Business Design

FOLCH - Albert Folch
Albert Folch
Creative Director & Founder

Barcelona (Spain), 1977. Albert is the founder of the studio, as well as having given birth to editorial initiatives like Odiseo and Eldorado. Graduated in Graphic Design from ESDi School of Design, Albert had previously studied Geology at UAB and photography at Royal Academie of Arts of Antwerp, in Belgium. Albert is also co-director and teacher in the Master of Editorial Design at ELISAVA. He is also member of the Comunitat 080 Barcelona Fashion. Albert has been awarded with Premios Gràffica 2017.  

FOLCH - Rafa Martínez
Rafa Martínez
COO & Head of Brand Strategy

Barcelona (Spain), 1976. Managing the studio’s commissions and operations, Rafa brings in his strategic vision and journalistic approach as well as his overall branding and communication expertise. After a career in Journalism at Blanquerna-Ramon Llull University School of Communication, he became partner at Folch. Rafa is teacher of Strategic Thinking at the Master of Graphic Design at ELISAVA. He is also partner of Eldorado, Odiseo, and Folch Insights, as well as Executive producer and founding partner at White Horse. Besides this, Rafa is member of the Barcelona Council of Digital Communication and the Comunitat 080 Barcelona Fashion.

FOLCH - Daniel Pérez
Daniel Pérez
Brand Philosophy Builder

Barcelona (Spain), 1975. Since completing a degree in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies at The University of Leeds, Daniel has worked for over 15 years revitalizing, developing and launching brands and products globally for Codorniu Group, Carolina Herrera Fragrances, Comme des Garçons Parfums, Mango and Desigual. He also lectures on Luxury Branding and New Luxury at Blanquerna & European Universities, collaborates with Fashion & Arts Magazine and is an active member of the Steering Committee of Madrid Fashion Week.

FOLCH - Elena Qureshi
Elena Qureshi
Studio & Design Manager

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, (Spain), 1994. Elena moved to Barcelona to study Design management at ESDi, Escola Superior de Disseny. During her studies she focused her interest around collaborative methodologies and transdisciplinary creations with a deep understanding of design as a social transformation tool, ethics and critical design. Finishing her Final Degree Project her approach is determined by strong ethical concerns, critical design and human-centred design methodologies. Elena is now assisting in the studio with the management of commissions and work flow.

FOLCH - Vincenzo Angileri
Vincenzo Angileri
Head of Education
Acid House
Marsala (Italy), 1991. Vince is a research-led creative director interested in education, as well as speculative and narrative design process. Besides having his own practice, Vince’s work at Acid House includes narrative design, strategic and critical thinking, curatorship, and collective experience. Vince has an interdisciplinary background in editorial design, humanities, art, and screenplay for cinema, having studied in universities like Politecnico di Milano and ELISAVA. He teaches two MAs programmes at ELISAVA, as well as lecturing and running workshops at national and international universities and institutions. 
FOLCH - Bis Turnor
Bis Turnor
Strategic Communications Manager
Narrative Team

London (UK), 1990. Bis studied Literature and Classics at the University of Bristol. Starting at a creative agency developing strategies for values-driven brands, she then spent several years at a corporate PR consultancy in London. Completing a graphic design course at Shillington College, she moved to Barcelona and was awarded a postgraduate diploma in graphic design at ELISAVA. Editor at Eldorado, Bis also manages PR for the studio and various clients, as well as coordinating communication for White Horse. 

FOLCH - Iván Olmos
Iván Olmos
Strategic Communications Manager
Narrative Team

Barcelona, 1995. Raised in the countryside, Iván eventually graduated in Journalism from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Intrigued by new narratives, he then studied storytelling and filmmaking in Aarhus (Denmark), which led him to direct and produce several documentaries. Since then, Iván has worked for various broadcasting media, such as Catalunya Ràdio and SER Catalunya, and he has also gained experience in the corporative communications field.

FOLCH - Marta Campabadal
Marta Campabadal
Editor & Social Media Manager
Narrative Team

Barcelona, 1996. She studied Journalism at Pompeu Fabra University. She has worked for some media such as La Vanguardia or TV3 as well as WGBH in Boston. At the strategical communication side, she has been part of the press office of different cultural institutions, like the Catalan Film Academy or the Center of Contemporany Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) as well as the consultancy Institut Cerdà. Marta is now part of the team in charge of managing Strategic Communications at Folch.

FOLCH - Nabill Parvizi
Nabill Parvizi
Junior Designer
Narrative Team

USA, 1995. Raised in Southern California, Nabill moved to Barcelona to study graphic design at IED Instituto Europeo di Design. Entering the graphic world through painting, he is constantly experimenting with different mediums, preferring a classic sense of storytelling but through contemporary forms of communication. He is currently studying a master of editorial design at ELISAVA.

FOLCH - Annie Fajardo
Annie Fajardo
Social Editor and Curator
Narrative Team & Acid House

Bucaramanga (Colombia), 1993. Annie graduated from Communication and Product Design at Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia). Since then, she has worked from personal projects to design companies where she has always been looking to create and find new ways of communicating ideas and concepts. Last year she moved to Barcelona to do a Master’s Degree in Editorial Design at ELISAVA.

FOLCH - David Lopez
David Lopez
Content Curator and Editor
Narrative Team
Bucaramanga (Colombia), 1993. He studied Graphic Design in Colombia and came to Barcelona 4 years ago to broaden his creative and cultural vision. Since getting his Master Degree in Art Direction at ELISAVA, he continues to learn and work in different creative disciplines and is now part of the Narrative team at Folch.
FOLCH - Cristina Pascual
Cristina Pascual
Editor, Photographer & Content Curator
Narrative Team

Tarragona (Spain), 1995. After graduating in Journalism from URV she gained experience working for local radio and a digital newspaper. A year later, she focused her studies in corporate and institutional communication by studying a Master in Strategic Communication on the Risk Society from URV. Her aim to improve her photographic knowledge in a communicative approach, lead her to course a Master in Documental and Contemporary Photography in IDEP Barcelona. Now she is part of the Narrative team at Folch.

FOLCH - Laura Fernández
Laura Fernández
Editor & Content Curator
Narrative Team

Barcelona (Spain), 1996. Laura studied Journalism, specialising in cyber journalism and new platforms, at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Before and during her degree she worked for several broadcasting media platforms such as Ràdio Tiana, Mataró Audiovisual, Catalunya Ràdio and La Xarxa. Interested in culture, she also worked as a community manager in the corporate communications sector and on the communications team for the Premià de Mar city hall, Human Rights and cinema festival and La Costa Communicació. 

FOLCH - Nerea López
Nerea López
Business Designer
Acid House

Barcelona (Spain), 1987. Nerea graduated in Advertising and Public Relations (UB). She has been linked to music and culture for over 10 years, working across Advertising, Communications and Sales. She started her professional career at VICE Media – Virtue Worldwide where she worked for 7 years. More recently, she has been working as Cultural Director and Project Manager for imaginCafé and IDEAL Barcelona. She also collaborates with MIRA Festival where she is currently the Partnership Manager. She is now part of the Acid House Business Team to design new business experiences for partners and brands.

FOLCH - Josep Puy
Josep Puy
Senior Designer & Art Director
Design Team Two

Barcelona (Spain), 1994. Josep’s role in the studio is distinguished by his skills within the field of luxury, fashion and beauty, lending a sophisticated tone on both digital and print. He joined the design world through his studies in publishing and advertising graphics at CIC Design School and after he advanced with a Master’s Degree with a focus on Identity and Editorial Design at ELISAVA. 

FOLCH - Allie Heesh
Allie Heesh
Senior Designer
Design Team Two

Nottingham (UK), 1991. Allie’s work stands out for the extraordinary attention to details and for the great clearness of her design work. She successfully completed a foundation in Art and design at the Manchester School of Art. Allie then continued her studies at Northumbria University, achieving a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design.

FOLCH - Andrés Rosa
Andrés Rosa
Senior Designer

Alicante (Spain), 1984. Andrés studied graphic design at the Alicante School of Art and Design (EASDA) and at Hoschcule Augsburg in Germany. He previously studied photography at Granada School of Art. Over the last few years he has been working as a graphic designer in a number of different agencies in both Madrid and Alicante.

FOLCH - Oriol Corsà
Oriol Corsà
Junior Designer
Design Team Two

Barcelona (Spain), 1997. Oriol studied Art and Design during his high school years. He has explored the worlds of painting, photography, fashion and film, but decided to embark his professional career in the world of design. He is currently completing his graphic design studies at ELISAVA, specialising in publishing and identity.

FOLCH - Alex Marqués
Alex Marqués
Motion Designer

Barcelona, (Spain), 1993. Alex began his self-taught training in audiovisual production. At first, he was working as a post producer in advertising and during that process he discovered the path of motion graphics. Later he began to collaborate as a freelance with different studios and agencies. Alex finds coherence between time, shapes and space to create captivating and mesmeric visuals.


FOLCH - Pablo Fernández
Pablo Fernández
Junior Designer & Typographer

Barcelona (Spain), 1995. Pablo studied a Final Arts Intermediate Formative Grade and a Superior Formative Grade in Interactive Graphics at EMAD La Garriga School of Art and Design. Then, he proceeded to study a bachelor’s degree at ELISAVA where he started to define his design style, focusing on identity and editorial design, and where he started to develop his first typefaces.

FOLCH - Adriana Pons
Adriana Pons
Junior Designer

Barcelona (Spain), 1996. Adriana studied Advertising and Public Relations at Pompeu Fabra University. During her studies, she focused her interest in design as a communication tool and gained experience working in a design studio. Willing to specialize her professional career last year she graduated in Master’s Degree in Editorial Design at ELISAVA.

FOLCH - Pol Gonzalez Novell
Pol Gonzalez Novell
Creative Director & Founder
Partner at White Horse

Barcelona (Spain), 1982. Pol’s work is testament that his love of light, form, and rhythm can only be matched by his love of good storytelling. Pol studied direction of photography at ESCAC and has been working as a director and cinematographer ever since. Although he has collaborated with top brands and agencies, his favourite projects are always those that dictate their own narrative as they go along (which usually happens when he works with visual artists, fashion photographers, and friends).

FOLCH - Tamara Raimondi
Tamara Raimondi
Production Manager
White Horse

Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1984. Tamara studied Social Communication Science in Universidad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires University). She developed her career producing short length and independent transmedia documentaries. She also produced TV shows for Latin America and the US for FOX International Channels. In Spain she worked for Vice and Vice Virtue.

FOLCH - Ferran Bassaganyes
Ferran Bassaganyes
White Horse

Olot (Spain), 1995. Ferran has always been around all cultural movements of his hometown. Over the years, he has worked with strategic festivals like Sismògraf, Miniput o ElMini. Graduated in media at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, he has earned experience as a producer for Tele-B and TV3, and also as a junior producer for the Spanish video artist Carles Congost.

FOLCH - Natalia Triviño
Natalia Triviño
Junior Producer
White Horse

Bogotá (Colombia), 1989. After graduating in Communication Design (Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia), Natalia has worked for the past 7 years as an editorial designer and design-based project manager in various design studios and advertising agencies across Colombia. With a multidisciplinary profile, she loves to work in teams and is always ready to face new challenges. Last year she moved to Barcelona and is currently studying a Master’s Degree in Editorial Design at ELISAVA. 

FOLCH - Bernat Mestres
Bernat Mestres
Director & Editor
White Horse

Barcelona (Spain), 1985. He’s a film director and DOP based in Barcelona. He studied film direction and graduated from ESCAC. Since then, he has been working in the industry for companies and institutions. He has filmed in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Center America and North Africa and worked in projects for The Guardian (Killing Gävle, 2018) or the Oscar-winning Bedlam Productions (American B-Side, 2017). Some of his works have been premiered at MoMa (Fin del Siglo, 2019) and got a special mention for cinematography at Chicago International Music Film Festival.

FOLCH - Javier de la Presa
Javier de la Presa
Financial Manager

Barcelona (Spain), 1994. Javier studied management and administration at EAE Business School (UPC). He is a young entrepreneur, eager to work and reach their maximum potential individually and as a group. He is currently studying his Master’s Degree in accounting and finance in URJC. Javier is now managing all financial matters at Folch.

Pau Marí
Activation Strategist

Barcelona (Spain), 1977. Pau studied journalism and communication at ESERP (Barcelona) and later completed his training with an Executive MBA from ESIC. He initially began to develop his career in the digital field as a content editor, and over time he has specialized in the strategic direction and execution of a variety of digital projects for many types of brands. Currently working as a strategic consultant in digital marketing, he uses his vision and experience to coordinate the Folch activation team. 

Verónica Miquel
National PR Manager

Barcelona (Spain), 1977. Verónica studied Journalism and specializes in press office activity. She has a long career in the private sector, as well as in public entities such as the Institute of Culture of the Barcelona City Council (ICUB), where she has worked for some of the most important events across the city (Grec Festival, festivities of La Mercè, etc). Her knowledge of journalism and language give her the ability to interpret and transform projects from Folch Studio and its clients into journalistic content. By identifying the most noticeable angle of each project, Verónica helps the studio to spread awareness of Folch’s work across a variety of media (written press, television and radio) and in different formats such as news, articles, interviews or reports.

Andreu Llos
Web Developer

Torroella de Montgrí (Spain), 1988. Andreu got a diploma in Computer Management and a Degree in Multimedia. He has been working as a freelance developer and web designer since 2010, both individually and in collaboration with agencies and design studios. He led the development of websites like Fucking Young!, Eldorado Experience and Folch.

Cristina Rius
Digital Media Strategist

Barcelona (Spain), 1986. Cristina is graduated in Fashion Design at Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja and also in Marketing & Communications from IED. She was managing the digital communications for several international fashion brands and advising companies about how to improve and optimise their online strategy and resources. 

Digital Communication Agency

Barcelona (Spain). 2016. Abstract is an agency specialising in digital communication. They combine strategic and technical SEO knowledge with branding and design in order to create digital platforms with a relevant and sustainable brand value in the market. 

Digital & Inbound Agency

NOW is a digital & inbound agency that helps companies to gain, convert and retain customers on-line. They improve digital presence of brands in order to increase their business results focusing on inbound and content strategies, online ads, SEO, social media and digital developments. 

Stefano Colli
Architect & Designer

Reggio Emilia (Italy), 1966. Stefano specialises in corporate interior design, approaching the design of spaces on a strategic level and considering it as an integral part of a company’s identity and communication. Stefano moved to Barcelona in 1991 after graduating in Architecture, Design and Communication at Politecnico di Milano.  In the last 20 years he has been combining his professional activity with teaching in ELISAVA, both in the Master of Design of Work Space and the Design Degree.

Leo García Méndez

Caracas (Venezuela), 1987. Leo is a Barcelona based photographer. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, studied Film Making at ESCAC, Documentary & Artistic Photography and Advertisement Photography at IDEP Barcelona. He enjoys combining Documentary with Advertisement photography and also specialises in Making of and Still Photo.

Instagram: @leocroma

Marçal Vaquer

Barcelona (Spain). Marçal is a Barcelona-based photographer who specialises in Still Life, Product, Food and Beverages photography. He studied Fine Arts at Universitat de Barcelona and Advertising Photography at IDEP Barcelona. Unless noted otherwise, he is the author of all Folch’s project pictures.

Martí Pujol

Barcelona (Spain) 1995. Martí is a Barcelona-based photographer. He studied a formative cycle of Upper Degree in Advertising Graphic Design at municipal school of art EMAID in Vilanova i la Geltrú and a formative cycle of Upper Degree in Photography at Serra i Abella in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat. He specialises in Events and Documentary Photography as well as Portrait Photography.

Sarah Parot
Editor & Copywriter

Paris (France), 1983. After having graduated in Modern Literature at the faculty of La Sorbonne (France), Sarah got a master degree in Book Publishing at the university of Alcalá (Spain). She has been working as a freelance editor and copywriter since 2009, and she is author of several travel & cultural books about Barcelona.


Acadèmia de les Arts i les Ciències Cinematogràfiques Catalanes, Acadèmia del Cinema Català, ADCE, Agpograf, SA, Ajuntament de Barcelona, ANDBANK, Antonio Puig SA, Archiexperience SL, Arquitectura-G, Arpa y Alfil Editores SL, Asociación Fireplace Project, Atelier Ramos, Avanti Avanti, Ayuntamiento de Santander, Bacoa, Barcelona Activa, Barcelona Design Week, BCD Barcelona Centre de Disseny, Bershka, Betevé, Bobo, Brand & Building SL, Brisa Images SL, BSM Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, C40CITIES, CaixaBank, CANADA, CARAT ESPAÑA, Capital, Carolina Herrera, Comercial Solarg SL, Comme des Garçons, Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, Damm, Desigual, Digital Future Society, Dirección General de Patrimonio Cultural, DOIY, Editorial Planeta, Elisava, Escuela de Arte San Telmo, ETH Zürich, FAD Foment de les Arts i del Disseny, FLUVIA, Fundació Arquia, Fundació Barcelona World Capital Foundation, Fundació Hoffmann, Fundació Joan Miró, Fundació Privada Eina, Fundació Privada ELISAVA Escola Universitària, Fundación Teatro de la Abadía, FOTOPOSITIVA, FUREST, Generalitat de Catalunya, Goroka Contents SL, GSMA 4YFN Event Management, ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones, ICUB Institut de Cultura, Inditex, La Capella, Las Montañas de Canada SL , La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, LLOS&, Mahou, MAP Arquitectos SLP, Marset, Mateo Arquitectura, Mediapro, Mesura, Metrovacesa, Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades, Ministerio de Economía y Empresa, Ministerio de Fomento, Ministerio de Industría, Energía y Turismo, Mobles 114, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, MWC Barcelona, Mirador Barcel SL, Nanouk Films SL, Norte Estudio SCP, Notonlywebs, Comunicació i Márqueting On-line, Ofita interiors SA, ON LOCATION SPAIN SL, OPENHOUSE STUDIO SL, Planeta, Puig, Pull&Bear, Raül Refree, Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production, Rosalía, Runroom, SGS Española de Control SA, Simon, Soho House, Solo GAFAS SL, Stradivarius, Switchmed, Take Agency, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya SA, Txema Yeste, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, White Horse, Wouf, 4YFN.

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3 FAD Gold Laus Awards. ‘DOIY Gallery’ by Folch (Art Direction in Photography), ‘Openhouse’ by Folch (Web Design), ‘Marset – Paint’ by Folch & Whitehorse (Art Direction in Audiovisuals)

1 FAD Silver Laus Award. ‘Fluvia – Simon’ by Folch (Corporate Publication)

7 FAD Bronze Laus Awards. ‘Marset – Wood’ by Folch & White Horse (Art Direction in Audiovisual), ‘DOIY – Honom’ by Folch (Line of Packaging and/or Labels), ‘Dream Vol. 3’ by Folch (Entire Magazine), ‘Barcelona Design Week 2018’ by Folch (Art Direction in Print – Illustration), ‘La Possibilitat d’una Illa – Fundació Miró’ by Folch (Entire Book), ‘Play Act Dance – Ajuntament de Barcelona’ by Folch & White Horse (Brand Audiovisuals)

2 FAD Silver Laus Awards. ‘Rosalía és betevé’, by Folch and White Horse (Audiovisuals), ‘betevé’ photography by Leo García Mendez (Art Direction in Print – Photography)

 5 FAD Bronze Laus Awards. ‘Marset: Product Series’, by Folch with White Horse (Art Direction in Audiovisual), BDW ’17 (Art Direction in Print – Photography), Arquetipos, for Fundación Arquia (Online Publication Site), Montoya (Promotional Site), Blog Fundación Arquia (Online Publication Site). 

2 FAD Silver Laus Awards. ‘DOIY’, by Folch with White Horse (E-commerce Site), ‘Transfer – Global Architecture Platform’, by Folch (Online Publication).

3 FAD Bronze Laus Awards. ‘Marset’, by Folch (Art Direction), ‘TAKE’ (Agency, Studio or Freelancer Website), ‘Quan les línies són temps’, by Folch (Entire Books).

3 FAD Silver Laus Awards. Marset ‘Reflections on light’ publication (Graphic design – Integrated Graphics); Marset ‘Reflections on light’ illustrations by Pol Montserrat (Graphic design – Illustration (Editorial and/or Commercial)

3 FAD Silver Laus Awards. Marset ‘Reflections on light’ publication (Graphic design – Integrated Graphics); Marset ‘Reflections on light’ illustrations by Pol Montserrat (Graphic design – Illustration (Editorial and/or Commercial); ‘Portraits at the edge of the world’ directed by Goroka and produced by Eldorado (Audiovisuals – Audiovisual) 3 FAD Bronze Laus Awards. Marset ‘Reflections on light’ publication (Graphic design – Corporate Publication, Catalogues & Brochures, Annual Reports); Pretty Woman (Graphic design – Book Covers, Magazine Front Covers and/or Series of Book Covers and Magazine Front Covers); O (Digital – Best Website)


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